I savor my life of blood and power and I’ve never wanted more.
Until the night a witch forced her pathetic human needs into my mind.
My prey made me want her, made me relish her pain, and ensnared me with pleasure. Made me want things I didn’t understand.
I couldn’t break her. I failed to kill her.
Now, I can’t hunt, can’t feed, and can’t sleep for the bitch whispering in my head.
Did baby witch cast a spell on me? My stomach howls with the answer.
The only way to break this curse is to kill the witch who cast it.
I’m coming for you, baby.
This time, I’m gonna do you to death.

Doing It To Death (Shivers and Sins Volume 2) is the second installment in a dark paranormal series from erotica author Kaia Bennett, and is now available on Amazon.com. Stay tuned for reviews, excerpts, trivia, playlists and news about this paranormal erotic thriller, and leave your comments and questions below!

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