Drama: I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

If you’ve been around indie publishing as a reader or an author for longer than a minute, you’ve seen the phrase “drama llama” with accompanying picture of a poor, defenseless animal who didn’t ask to be drawn into our human nonsense, okay? Ahem.     To me,...

Easter Reflections and Nunchucks (A Food Lion Parking Lot Story)

First, the reflections: I’m not a religious person in the strictest sense. I believe in God. I’ve gone to church several times in my life. I pray when times are hard and thank God when times are good. I’m the cliché, the agnostic “spiritual” one. As I’ve gotten older...

Sweating Bullets: A Dark Contemporary Erotic Short

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re doing well! Here’s a story I worked on for submission a few months back. I hope it’s a short and dirty treat while you wait for more news on When Dying Is Done (Shivers and Sins Volume 3). Please be aware that this is a dark...

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