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Here’s a story I worked on for submission a few months back. I hope it’s a short and dirty treat while you wait for more news on When Dying Is Done (Shivers and Sins Volume 3). Please be aware that this is a dark erotic short with thriller and non-consent elements.

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Thanks to Eden Connor for the edits.

Also here’s some tunes that helped me during the writing process. Hope you enjoy!

Worriedaboutsatan – Baychimo

Banks – Brain

The Weeknd – High For This


Sweating Bullets

By Kaia Bennett

I swiped sweat from the nape of my neck and turned left onto the bumpy back road that led to my late father’s cabin. Blistering cold air-conditioning fanned my face and the damp trail between my breasts, but anxiety took the place of Jacksonville’s August heat. Couldn’t stop sweating. Couldn’t cool down with the devil waiting ten miles ahead to collect his due.

In the gloom beyond my headlights, the cabin came into view, and so did the man waiting on my porch. He leaned against a post, hands stuffed casually in his jean’s pockets. His white wife-beater T-shirt glowed gold in my headlights, his tan skin painted in shadows as dark as his close-cropped hair. Thick muscle corded his arms, swelled his chest, and chiseled a path down his lean stomach. I’d taken my bastard of a confidential informant to enough fast food joints while gathering up information on his boss to know he ate like a first string quarterback.

Now he was eating up my time and my sanity. Standing on my porch like he owned the place. Like he owned me.

His smile spread slow, cool as summer wind. If not for the sheen of sweat forcing his shirt to cling to his abs, I’d have thought he couldn’t feel anything but my fear. I gulped and turned off the ignition. Clenching my jaw, I swung open the door and stepped into the sweltering night. Cicadas chirped duets with bullfrogs. The Spanish moss barely swayed on their branches, and humidity licked my skin like an insistent tongue.

“Nice place you got here.”

“It is.” I adjusted the badge on my belt and strode forward, itching to reach for my holster. “How the fuck did you find out about it, Eli?”

“Followed you one night a few months back.” His angled eyes turned into half moons as his smile grew broader. A trickle of sweat slithered between my breasts….

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