So, I made it to over 13k words, and that’s super, that’s awesome, I’m thrilled. I’ll share some of that with you later this weekend or Monday. But that’s like the second most awesome news I have to share today.

CJ Roberts, the brilliant and twisted mind behind The Dark Duet series said the 5-5:30pm EST  slot was open on November 11th for her Determined To Obey Release Party….and it was mine if I wanted it.

And I had, like, much less chill than I wanted to. You couldn’t see my interpretative dance of SQUEE, so here’s some gifs.

Listen, I really loved The Dark Duet series. I listened to the first book during a 12 hour drive and by the time it was over I had to listen to the second (I got an Audible subscription as a gift and thankfully got introduced to her and Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners). So then months later, I decided that since I hadn’t read Epilogue, wanted to read Determined To Obey (I didn’t have the patience to wait until the 11th), and didn’t own the series in a way I could read over and over, I would get the platinum edition box set.

Well…I fucking loved Determined To Obey and had to tell her as much. And the trippy thing is I didn’t even expect to hear anything back. Authors that are doing as well as she is are busy. Hell, I’m busy and I’m just starting out. I’m also…well, I’m not shy about what I like, but it’s not like I spend a lot of time talking about myself and my tastes either. I have my fangirl moments but I’m also a bit detached too, if that makes sense. I like what I like, I chill in the cut, occasionally if I want to express myself and my gratitude/excitement for something I will. I didn’t expect anything to come of that. So it was pretty damn cool of her to invite me to host a time slot. She is very candid on her blog and FB page, every once in a while she dispenses great advice for other authors, and is very talented. So, I knew she was cool. I just didn’t think she’d be cool to me in particular. Happy surprise, that.

As the day draws near I’ll be sure to post a reminder! Come and join in on the fun. There will be giveaways on my end, a review of Determined To Obey, and a bunch of new-to-me authors I look forward to meeting. Looking forward to helping CJ celebrate and hope to see you guys there!