Hooray! I’m still technically behind where I’m supposed to be, but I broke 6k so it’s not impossible to make up a few hundred words. What is impossible at this point is avoiding “OMG” moments of revelation about my story in the shower. Seriously, when did this become a thing that I do? It’s like every morning I’m having a major epiphany. What is it about artificial waterfalls, loofahs and conditioner that suddenly screams “all of your best ideas will be found here!” It’s weird.

In any event I sent the obligatory “OMG!” email to my writing buddy K, (I love her, she’s gotten like 1000 of these over the years and is always great and supportive) and then got catapulted right into a great scene between Evie and Detective Stark. It definitely needs finesse, but what I’m noticing is that I’ve gotten to the place where I can see the story taking shape, like invisible steps on a staircase finally revealed. I can see what led to a moment, a smile or turn of phrase. I don’t do strict outlines in case I change things, and in this story it’s paid off. But that also means that there are a lot of blank spots, a lot of murkiness in between bursts of color that are the cool scenes in my head. So it’s nice to finally be able to see some linear movement that pushes these characters together while I slowly reveal what happened to Evie.

I’m about to sound like a commercial here, but seriously Scrivener has been a huge help in that department. I’m playing with scene order and what I can mix and match to keep tension while not skipping over important conversations and character development. And up until this point I was doing all of that in a word doc and writing journal. It worked for me, but this is sooo much easier now that I’m keeping a faster pace. Scrivener has it set up so that I can use an electronic cork board, mix and match things, do a synopsis for the scenes and do quick character bios. Everything is all there when I open it up and I just have to figure out the order.

Some of you are giving me the proverbial pat on the head and saying, “Girl, where you been?” I don’t know, I have no answers for you, thank you K for bringing me into 2014. I’m only about 10 months behind schedule, which for me is early.

Anyway, expect another tidbit tomorrow. I’m thinking about sharing that scene between Evie and Stark. Up till this point you haven’t really met either of them, but I’m excited to introduce them to you. 🙂

And in other writing news, we have officially started the countdown to release day for #1 Crush. I posted the first teaser today, we’re going to find out who won ARCs from the Man Crush Monday giveaway and the Cover Reveal giveaway soon, and you guys are snatching up your pre-order copies! I do so appreciate it and can’t thank you enough. It really does take a village to make a book and your support means everything. I’m also getting ready to brainstorm cover art ideas for Book Two. Keeping busy, busy, busy…

Till tomorrow!