“What’re you doing?” Gia asked as she backed away, even though he stood unmoving, leaning against the door.

“So, ‘Dimples’ downstairs is the boyfriend you were talking about?” he asked, ignoring her question.

“Yeah, he is. You should leave now before he comes looking for me.”

The corners of his lips turned upwards. “Are you sure he’s coming? He seemed a little… distracted when I last saw him,” he said.

She sighed and shook her head. “It’s none of your business if he is.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I didn’t come up here to talk about him anyway.”

“We don’t have anything to talk about, period,” Gia said shakily.

His eyes surveyed her under the wide brim of his hat. Even cast in shadow they were still brilliant green. They roved over her full breasts, the tight hourglass curve of her hips. The dress ended in see-through lace a little past mid thigh, revealing long smooth legs and low heeled sandals on her cute feet.

“Stop looking at me like that!”

The slow smile spreading his lips managed to be at once seductive and challenging, matching his quiet words perfectly. “Make me.”

Her tongue darted out nervously over her full lips and he caught the movement immediately, as well as the way her eyes flitted quickly over his body.

“You know, you’ve been staring at me like that all week,” Flynn said. “Especially tonight. I thought you’d like the chance to get a good eyeful.” He spread his arms out, still leaning against the door. He was dressed in a grey t-shirt with the front tucked into the silver buckle of his black leather belt, dark blue jeans and black boots. It was a simple outfit and, yet, he still looked ridiculously sexy.

“I wasn’t staring—,” Gia started.

“You were staring and putting on a little show for me, too,” he said, pushing off the door. “Well, you got my attention.”
She would not move. She would not show fear. She would stand in this very spot and tell him to get bent. There were fifty or more witnesses roaming downstairs, out on the deck, maybe even upstairs. He wouldn’t try anything if she stood her ground.
“What, no threats?” he asked, coming to stand in front of her, his hands in his pockets. “I was expecting more hissing and clawing by now.”

She tilted her chin up to stare him straight in the eye. Why did he have to be so damn tall? “I’m not afraid of you. You’re the one that should be afraid.”

“Oh, should I be? I guess that means you told your boyfriend about me? That’s why I should be afraid, right, because he knows everything?” He placed his hands on either end of the sink, pinning her inside his arms. “He knows that I had my fingers deep inside you? That I tasted how sweet you are when you come?”

She swallowed hard, leaning back, trying to keep him as far away as possible. “Touch me and I’ll scream.”

He gave her a full smile. “I gotta tell you,” he said, rocking back and forth like a pendulum towards her, “I like it better when the girl screams.”

“Everyone will hear me,” she said as he bent lower, bringing himself closer to her. She closed her eyes when his lips brushed against her cheek. He’d barely touched her and her body shivered uncontrollably.

“If you want to scream, scream. I won’t stop you.” His voice was soft, and his breath was warm as he lowered his lips to her neck. “I love the way you sound when you scream for me. I don’t think your boyfriend will like it, but whether he hears is up to you.” He licked a trail up to her earlobe and nipped firmly.

If she was wet before, she was soaked now.

“You said…y-you said you wouldn’t do anything I…didn’t want…” Gia stammered.

His fingers stroked over her shoulder as his lips moved to the other side of her neck. The entire right side of her body seemed to prickle to life, as if static electricity was coursing through his fingers on high voltage.

“Are we playing that game again?” he asked. “You pretend you don’t want it, and I show you that you do.” His fingers slid into her hair while his thumb stroked her neck.

She arched into him without thinking. She went to grip the sink, to gain some semblance of reality, but touched his forearm instead. Her nails dug into the muscular flesh as his tongue licked her lips, teasing the tender flesh. He curled his hand in her hair, forcefully pulling her closer.

“Let’s see who wins this time,” he whispered.