TV and Movies: “We Dug Coal Together.”

Let’s talk TV and Movies. I rewatched Justified over the last couple of weeks, mostly because my mind was restless and needed something to latch onto while I build up mojo to write. Not background noise either. I needed something to make me think. Flitting...

Dark Romance Is Not A Dare

This week there were several discussions about dark romance and erotica. Again. It’s also known as transgressive fiction. Or rape fiction. Or more derisively “rape as romance” as it’s called in the romance community. Some of these discussions concerned the...

Shameless Saturday: Dark and Tragic Fare

So, most of the time I can’t half remember the things I like, or they’re so weird and brutal that I feel like maybe I should keep them to myself. The more I thought about it though, the more I decided I should talk more about the things I like. Shame keeps...

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